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“Can’t praise you enough! Just awesome… The line up, food trucks, choice of drinks, toilets, crowd size and good price tix… T1000 – here is a company doing it right!”

“Amazing day. The sound systems on all stages was solid. Volume was great. Long sets, great crowd, brilliant DJs, good layout of the venue and the right size, enough toilets and bars… Perfection! Haven’t been to a festival like that in Sydney for a long time. Please do it again!”

“Seriously AWESOME! Had the best day – perfectly organised, amazing music, friendly crowd of all ages…Fat Boy Slim rocked it!!!”

“Amazing day. Great festival, impecibly organised and an amazing older crowd – hope you will be back in 2017.”

“Best festival I’ve been to in a while, great line up, fantastic super friendly crowd, really well organized. Loads of fun and plenty of laughs, danced until my feet hurt!!! Great work!!”

“Best festival I’ve ever been to. Prog/tech line-up was out of this world. Please wash, rinse & repeat next year! :)”

“Was sooooo good!!!! And thank you to the promoters!!! Hands down spot on with the genre and the setup!! Attracted a great crowd and the line up was the best I’ve seen here ever. Bring on the next one!!!”

“NAILED IT! Well done to the punters too. Solid vibes from all in attendance. No beer Q at an Aussie festival… show ‘em how it’s done. Cheers guys!!!!”

“Thank you for giving us Sydney’s best festival!! What a cracker of a day. x”

“Well done to the event organisers T1000! Best festival in Sydney in years! Well organised, brilliant music and DJ selection, minimal line ups for toilets, drinks and food. Thanks again!”

“Thank you Electric Gardens. It was EPIC!!! :)”

“It was bloody amazing. Cracking friendly crowd, great drinks, loved that they were from local Brewery. Laid out really well and of course the line up – wow. Best festival in Australia by far. See you again next year x”

“Awesome event guys. Brilliant set up & best line up Australia has ever seen! Planning for next year already!”

“The most amazing festival I have ever worked. I operated lighting on the main stage where the music was absolutely on point and everything was very well organised. The crowd was great and wanker free! Definitely want to comeback next year!”

“What an epic day! We were spoilt for choice with the line-up, great crowd and overall a very well organised event. The T1000 crew knows how to throw a party. Hope this will be repeated next year.”

“Amazing line up, no drink lines, minimal toilet lines, friendly staff, good quality sound (although some leakage in the Digital Therapy tent due to proximity). An incredible line up of quality underground artists that attracted a like-minded crowd. A repeat of this next year would be an absolute treasure. ;)”





“Fatboy Slim juggled his signature big beat with more contemporary fare, throwing in crowd pleasers for good measure. In unison with the visual aesthetics and oversized glow-sticks that were handed out, his set created a pulsing mélange of sound and spectacle. Teasers and allusions to his hits peppered with a sheer endless stream of classics from all genres formed the foundation of his set, including an homage to the Thin White Duke – right here, queen bitch, Rebel Rebel, right now, rockafella skanking into the night.”

“Fatboy Slim’s infectious beats beamed from his very being and kept fans in the type of trance which only comes from a really good set. He didn’t need to utter a word to say everything he needed to with his music — both figuratively and literally — and had the skill of both feeding from the crowd and controlling it at the same time”

“Short queues for drinks and toilets, craft beer, decent enough wine, festival food that people actually raved about (Food Trucks = Inspired), heaps of choice across the four stages and pretty quick to get around. Basically it was the best festival I’ve been to in the last six years in Sydney.”

“For someone who is 52 and has been doing this for a long time, Cook shows no signs of slowing down. The crowd was feeding off his energy and vice versa in a beautiful symbiotic relationship. The grin on his face said it all and it was so good to see.”

“Headline act Fatboy Slim ended the day on a high, spinning through all his classics and lighting up the sky with an epic laser display. The electrifying atmosphere was contagious and the entire crowd was jumping to the beat of Fatboy Slim’s hits. I had an unforgettable time at Electric Gardens Festival, my only complaint was that the festival came to end, I was definitely not ready to leave and I am already counting down the days until next year’s event.”

“The lush grasslands, hills and wide open space provided the perfect venue for the old school house and techno line-up that was present at Electric Gardens. By 4pm, most of the crowd had arrived and there was still more than enough space to dance and breathe. It felt spacious, easy and comfortable….”

“Wielding his signature power-stance fist pump, Fatboy Slim cranked out a set that satisfied a crowd spanning generations. A testament to his longevity and prowess, you can’t afford to miss him on his next visit.”
Rating: ****

“In many ways, Fatboy Slim’s set signified the essence of Sydney’s Electric Garden Festival: An enjoyable, well orchestrated event with the right amount of well-trusted elements, engaging and uplifting.”

“As the line-up started being released (one name per fortnight, very clever) I began to realise that these guys had assembled a serious range of quality acts from across the globe. Fatboy Slim, Erick Morillo, Dubfire, John Digweed, Norman Jay – these were the godfathers of electronic music – seasoned artists that had spent decades entertaining crowds across all six continents, not kids with a single popular track. This was going to be good”

“If there was one word that best described Fatboy Slim’s performance, it was synchronisation. Synchronisation between 52 year old Norman Cook and the audience. Synchronisation between the stunning audio-visuals. And synchronisation between the music and the electrifying atmosphere that encompassed the outdoor venue.”
Rating: *****

“The energy among the stages felt grungy, loose and free, and everyone appeared to be having a truly great time. All in all though, the debut of Electric Gardens proved to be a much-needed breath of fresh air, eccentricity and nostalgia.”

“I’ve been to four music festivals in Sydney now, and I can definitely say that this was by far my favorite. The organization was done really well, the production value was fantastic, and the music was loud & bumping. My only complaint is that it ended at 10:00 P.M — because the festival atmosphere was strong, and I definitely could have stayed and danced the entire night away!”